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In June 2021, I was hired by New York performer Diego Lucano to create storyboards based on a script he wrote for an animated short film. Rough character designs and references were provided by Diego. I worked through the storyboard in segments, meeting with Diego throughout production to receive feedback and ensure I was keeping true to his vision.


You can view the final storyboard below:


Diego Lucano, Professional Performing Artist

"I'd challenge anyone to find a talented, flexible, personable, collaborative freelancer like Jack McCaffrey. He understands the importance of your vision and will see it forth in any way he can.

I hired Jack to create storyboards for a seemingly small animation project (which turned out to be much more ambitious than anticipated), and he stayed a joy to work with throughout the entire process.

The quality and pace that he turns in his work are highly professional and accurate to what you envisioned. If the chance ever comes, do not hesitate to hire him.

Thank you, Jack!"
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