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Avast ye, matey! I see you've found yourself aboard the Jello Ship. Legends across the seven seas have said it hosts animations sillier than an eight-headed barracuda, with stories and style as crafty as a pontificating porpoise. While you're here dropping anchor, won't you please take a look around?

You'll find a treasure trove of work ol' Captain Jack has done for clients, as well as a selection of personal creations as well. Spend yer time here how you'd like, but don't forget to breathe in that salty sea air.


Jack McCaffrey

I've been creating animations since I was just a kid, starting out by making claymation videos with friends. My artistic inspirations come from exploring nature, researching psychology, and listening to music. Prior to starting HelloJelloShip, I received my BFA at Ringling College of Art and Design and worked in Los Angeles, designing and animating motion graphics for film marketing.

Beyond animation, you can regularly find me going trail running, playing ukulele, researching computer science, and performing at the local theater. I currently live in Florida.

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