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Moonshine Media Group is motion graphics and film production studio, specializing in explainer videos and photography. Since January of 2022, I've been working with them to animate, design, and edit videos for their clients.


Jetpacked is an online educational platform. We were tasked with creating an intro video to explain the uses of the platform for various roles within schools. Design was handled by another artist, while I was responsible for all animation in the final piece.

The intro is featured on Jetpacked's front page here.


Veriheal is an app that allows users to easily get in contact with a doctor and secure a medical marijuana card. As part of Moonshine Media Group, I designed and animated graphics for a commercial explaining Veriheal's benefits.


LogRhythm is a cybersecurity company and frequent client of Moonshine Media Group. I was contracted to animate an intro sequence using their existing logo while adhering to brand guidelines.

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