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Aaron's Furniture is a nationwide furniture store with a distinct rent-to-own business approach. In fall of 2023, Aaron's brought me onboard to create five TikTok videos to refresh their brand identity. The goal of this project was to create content that felt genuine and homemade, avoiding the typically polished look of commercials. I was responsible for concepting, casting, shooting, and editing each of the videos.

Below you'll find a video compiling all five TikToks I created for Aaron's.

You can also see the TikToks live on Aaron's TikTok page here:

Impact in Numbers

The five videos created for Aaron's generated over

3.5 million views on TikTok, as well as driving engagement from users represented in the 100 comments and over 1,200 likes received.


Pitch Deck

The following is the initial pitch deck assembled for Aaron's, including concept statements, style frames, and proof of concept videos. It was this presentation that awarded me with the project.

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